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About Us

This website is run by two brothers, Rich and Ben. Over the last decade we've been fortunate enough to have work on many music projects with talented artists from Northern California. We specialize in inventive, cutting edge hip hop sounds and strive to work with artists who share a love for great music with fulfilling lyrical content. In the past we have worked on many other styles of music over a wide range of different sounds. This website serves as both a home for musical projects that we have worked on over the years and place on the web you can go to find out what is going on with the artists we work with. We have started keeping a list of the music we have recorded over the years, if you're interested in taking a look, click here.

This is a list of some of the artists that we have worked with over the years:
Dr. Ok
Chris Booth

Some of the artists that we have recorded in our labs:
Immortal Technique
Aesop the O.L. of Living Legends
Mac Lethal
Big Mox