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How do you define "Sphire"?

Updated: Mar 6

"Sphire" is a sound we found in the late 1900's in Tracy, California on a weekday. It represents us crazy humans who are inspired to constantly learn, create, teach, and share. Us who have a burning fire inside that feeds on creativity and collaboration. We find art in audio the same as we find it beautiful nature scenes or masterful creative paintings. Art created from love and desire can convey a feeling that connects with the person consuming it.

We are thankful for the opportunity to create and share, we aim to grow this art with more hard work and less money. Sphire Bros. aim to partner with like-minded creative friends and family to create audio art pieces to capture time spent on Earth.

"Sphire" means the burning inspiration inside to create artwork to mark time on this planet.

If Sphire was an acronym, it would be "spearheaded pirate hacker innovator resource engineers"



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