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What is the plan for 2024?

You might ask, what are they up to at Why is there so much activity all of a sudden after such a long hiatus? Or you might not ask yourself anything like that at all, but I will answer it anyhow. 🤓

In 2023, Ben and I (Rich) had been working hard to prepare our creative space to invite old friends and family over to create new music to showcase our current skill level in various areas (tech, engineering, audio production, graphic design). After dusting off old gear and purchasing the latest-greatest sound machines that we desired, we got ourselves in gear to take on this mission. It was at the end of 2023 that tragedy struck and Ben went off to Mars, permanently. I am now thoroughly inspired to complete the mission, successfully, in loving memory of my brother. I have committed to create a new compilation of sound featuring my current level of audio engineering skill. I have invited friends and family to the creative space that Ben and I built together and many of the invitations have already been answered.



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