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Do you sell anything or have a store?

No, not right now. We just make music for fun as a hobby. However, there are plans to attempt to sell some things in the future. We hope to accomplish our dream of "Sphire Sound + Chili" where we lug audio gear to events and parties so we can serve our award-winning competition chili at a good price. It would be a life's dream come true to sell chili boats and chili dogs for $5 while listening to wonderful sounds. We also have some fun clothing ideas that we would like to bring to you on the cheap. And of course, one day, we will press our first vinyl and sell it for pennies more than it cost to print.

@BATHCC (Chili Crew) Two third-place trophies at The Great American Chili Cook-off in Petaluma. Left to right: Donovan Baldwin, Ben Friedland, Rich Friedland, Robert Lewis



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