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Do you use samples in your music?

Sure, we have nothing against that. Many of our old friends have mentioned that there was a rumor that Sphire Brothers are against sampling and remixing existing music. This is not true, we have always been very open to audio in all forms. The first works we made in the early 90's were all loop-based (cassettes). Even when we transitioned to digital audio in the mid-90's, we were working with loops and samples. Some of the artists that we partnered with over the years may have had an "anti-sample" mentality, but us two are quite open-minded on the topic.

I was talking to Remux over the weekend and had a funny little exchange on this topic. He felt that we used to give him a bad time about using samples in his music which drove him to work to use fewer while at the same time I tried to defeat our reputation of being anti-sample by going back to embracing them more.



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