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How'd you get such a diverse following?

Apparently when you let social media ads help you "build your brand" it might get a bit robotic and send your posts to a knitting club or some group that wouldn't appear to like the sounds we create here in the lab. I personally reached out to everyone who liked or loved our post and asked them if they did it on purpose. While I haven't heard back from any of them yet, I am optimistic that they did it on purpose.

With less sarcasm, it seems the social media algorithms sometimes must think we are a cancer group or hospice care. We are not the best at social media promotions, we do try to be the best at making enjoyable music. 🤓

We are learning to improve our "targeted ads." In all honesty, social media ads is not a part of the 1000 year plan and they are only a necessary building block for creating the platform we need to launch to Mars.



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