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What is the "Gas Money Bootleg" by LPS?

A long time ago, we would take bookings where the pay was barely enough to pay for gas and drive-thru. As a crew who wanted to perform and spread music more than make money, we found a way to bridge the gap. We would simply burn and print CDs at home called "LPS - Gas Money Bootleg" and sell them for $5. This helped us fund our adventures and share our music. The tracks on the CDs would rotate based on what we had recently cooked up at the lab. Songs even had different versions that might feature different emcees who we were performing with at that specific time.

LPS was mostly a combination of ADLM (AfterDinnerLiquidMints) and TRW (TightRope Walkers). As our laboratory was based in West Modesto, Nik Fuq and Cob@lt (Cobalt45) were often a part of our shenanigans. The iconic character on the cover was drawn by Remux and the LPS graff logo was drawn by Drake Blackmon.



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